Media Training

A crisis can strike at any time.
So can an opportunity to give a great impression through the media.
Sometimes they are one and the same.

Now, you can understand how to give the media what it needs while presenting yourself and your organization in the best possible way. In our workshops you receive:

  • On-camera mock interviews with a professional video crew using real-life scenarios and key messages customized for your organization
  • Recorded examples of both good and bad interview techniques
  • A comprehensive media training binder
  • A DVD of your individual interviews

Presented by award-winning news veteran Bill Oglesby, our workshops will train you how to take control of an interview and make your spokespeople effective in a variety of situations.


Presentation Training

There’s nothing like delivering what you think is a dynamic presentation… and looking out to see droopy eyes. Is it your speaking style? Your props (or lack thereof)?

Bill Oglesby has trained everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to an Olympic Gold Medalist and a member of the PGA Tour.

Bill will give you a candid evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter, provide tips for engaging audiences in your presentation and give you the “do’s and don’ts” of making your presentations shine!